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‘Finding Carter’ Star Cynthia Watros Hated Being Called ‘Pickle’…Not That We Blame Her

The actress — plus co-star Kathryn Prescott — is sharing stories about some not-so-cool nicknames.

With the help of Gabe and his pals, Carter Stevens discovered on Tuesday’s “Finding Carter” episode that the woman she believed was her mother has accumulated a list of aliases, and now, Carter isn’t even sure of her real name. So, out of curiosity, have show stars Kathryn Prescott and Cynthia Watros ever had pseudonyms, too?

In a recent interview with MTV News, the ladies shared stories of nicknames past, and Cynthia’s, for one, came with an inflated sense of sophistication.

“Before college, I was Cyndi, and then I think I went to college and I was like, ‘You know what? Now I’m Cynthia,’” she recalls in the video below while mime-smoking a cigarette. She says she was “pickle” at one point, too, but that name didn’t exactly fly.

Kathryn, meanwhile, explains that her only moniker was a nod to a movie you may have seen…a few hundred times.

So what was Kathryn’s childhood nickname? Watch the clip to find out, then tell us if you’ve ever had a second identity!

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Kat Hollywood Life Interview

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‘Finding Carter’: Meet Kathryn Prescott, Teen TV’s New It-Girl

Kathryn Prescott is summer’s newest star. On July 8, ‘Finding Carter’ premiered on MTV, and it might just be the next big thing. Read on to find out everything you need to know about TV’s new it-girl.

Finding Carter follows a teenage girl who finds out that she’s been living her entire life with her fake mother — the woman who abducted her when she was a toddler. The series is dark and dramatic, and we cannot get enough of the actress, 23, who plays Carter Stevens. Read on to meet Kathryn Prescott!

The English actress stars in MTV’s newest drama, Finding Carter, which centers on Carter, who found out that the life she has been living was a lie — she was abducted when she was a toddler.

Kathryn auditioned for the role of Carter Stevens, while she was in England and had three auditions before she was told that she landed the role.

1. Kathryn is British. Kathryn was born in Southgate, London, England. The 23-year-old actress spent two or three years training on and off with a voice coach in England to perfect an American accent, reports Just Jared Jr. At the same time, she traveled between England and the United States to go on auditions.

2. Kathryn has a twin just like her character. Kathryn is a twin! She is six minutes older than her sister Megan Prescott. In July 2008, Kathryn and her sister made their acting debuts on the soap opera Doctors and played twin sisters Amy and Charlotte Wilcox.

3. Kathryn was on the UK version of Skins. Kathryn is best known for her character Emily Finch in the British TV show Skins, which chronicles a group of British teens who were hardcore partiers. Kathryn appeared in the second series of the show. Kathryn’s character became a fan favorite because of her relationship with girlfriend Naomi (Lily Loveless) and her sister Katie, played by her real-life twin sister.

4. Kathryn is into photography. In addition to her acting career, Kathryn is a photographer, as stated on her website. In September 2013, Kathryn’s photos were on display at The Fields Crypt Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London in an exhibit titled “What Makes Us Care?” She photographed fellow Skins costars as well as stars from The Borgias, Glee and Waterloo Road to bring awareness to London’s growing homeless population.

5. Kathryn appeared on the CW’s Reign. In addition to her role in Skins, Kathryn had a recurring role on the first season of the CW’s Reign. Kathryn played Penelope, a kitchen servant who found a bean in her slice of cake and became queen for the day. She first appeared in the episode titled “Monsters.”

HollywoodLifers, do you think Kathryn Prescott has star power? Are you tuning into Finding Carter? Let us know!

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Kat and her on-screen mom in Finding Carter attended a sit down interview with MTV where they talked about the show and posed for a quick portrait session:

MEDIA > Photoshoots > MTV Studios – June 2014

‘Finding Carter’ Star Kathryn Prescott Has Something Her Character Doesn’t

In theory, a mother and father reuniting with their missing child is a happy occasion, but “Finding Carter” will prove it can be a bumpy road, too. When the show premieres on July 8 at 10/9c, Carter, who’s been living for years with a woman who abducted her, will be reunited with her biological family members. But finding common ground with the virtual strangers will be a struggle for the teen — especially when it comes to her parents.

So, can show stars Cynthia Watros and Kathryn Prescott — who play the mother, Elizabeth, and the daughter, Carter, respectively — relate to family drama? In the interview below, Kathryn, for one, says her rearing included a great deal of independence — something her character would kill for.

“My parents were always pretty free with me,” Kathryn says in the clip. “They were of the school of thought that if you really cramp down on someone and tell them not to do all these things, it’s gonna become like forbidden fruit.”

Cynthia, meanwhile, says her relationship with her mother has been “up and down” — but that the trials have helped her prepare for her role as Elizabeth. “We’ve had certain turning points, and one of them was that we didn’t connect, sort of how Elizabeth and Carter have difficulties connecting,” she explains.

After suffering through a serious autoimmune disease as a teenager, though, Cynthia says she and her mother were able to let down their defenses and rebuild their bond.

“I think we viewed each other differently after that, and sort of appreciated each other differently,” she recalls.

Check out the clip, hang tight for more exclusive interviews with Cynthia and Kathryn and be sure to tune in to the “Finding Carter” premiere next Tuesday!

Finding Carter Clips + Featurette

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Finding Carter premieres on MTV on July 8th. For now, view these clips and a BTS look at the show with interview by Kat.

Finding Carter Stills

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With Finding Carter’s release days away, there has been a surge of promotion — including new photos and interviews! Kat’s new show has been getting lots of positive press, noting Finding Carter as a new spin on the teen drama, which will surely give an upgrade to the usual MTV series’.

PRODUCTIONS > Television > Finding Carter (2014) > Promotional

PRODUCTIONS > Television > Finding Carter (2014) > Promotional Shoot

PRODUCTIONS > Television > Finding Carter (2014) > Stills

PRODUCTIONS > Television > Finding Carter (2014) > On-Set

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I’ve added some new/old photos of Kat last year at Andy Newton-Lee’s London Launch.

APPEARANCES > Kathryn’s Solo Appearances > July 09, 2013: Andy Newton-Lee’s Next Stop LAX – London Launch

First Look at Kat in ‘Finding Carter’

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The first clip of Kat starring as Carter in the new MTV show Finding Carter has been released. Her American accent is immaculate. The show looks really intriguing as well!

Reign 1.17 “Liege Lord” HD Screencaps

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PRODUCTIONS > Reign (2013) > Screencaptures > 1.17: “Liege Lord”

Updated Meg Photoshoot

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Meg gets some love too :). I’ve replaced some larger photos from a Chris McAndrew shoot she did back in March 2010 with her Skins co-stars Jack O’Connel and Olli Barbari. Aaw.

MEDIA > Photoshoots > Meg for The Times – Chris McAndrew – March 2010